Physical conditioning coaches are part of the team responsible for performance enhancement and injury prevention in sport. Indeed, physical preparedness is an important element of performance, although its role varies depending on sport. Furthermore, physical preparedness can have a protective role in sport, particularly if we are smart in managing load over time. Namely, we would expect that physically well prepared body can better tolerate external physical stress of training and competition. Recent studies in Rugby and Soccer support this conjecture. However, there is also an internal locomotor stress coming from inefficient movements where, due to poor intermuscular coordination, certain links in the kinetic chain become excessively loaded, eventually resulting in overuse injury. It is  the responsibility of the same physical conditioning coaches to reduce these internal locomotor stress via improving the efficiency of athlete’s movement patters. In my mind, this dual-strategy in training (1. developing physical resilience of athletes through training hard AND smart; 2. developing movement efficiency of athletes) should be the cornerstone of work of physical conditioning coaches in sport. injury in soccer